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In Depth Review 2019

Is a good service? Can you trust them with your papers? This is an in-depth analysis of the service. In this Pay For Essay review, we have taken an interest in all the important aspects of to determine whether they can be trusted to provide quality assistance to scholars.

What Do You Need to Know about This Service?

What is Pay For Essay? They are a professional writing company assisting scholars with demanding tasks from their academics. Their main aim is to help improve their grades, help them meet the deadlines, and also to assist in reducing the workload for over-cumbered scholars. As college students, sometimes, completing the assigned tasks becomes challenging or even impossible. Therefore, one has to seek assistance. provides help in such cases. Does work? Yes, it does. They have been in the writing business for more than ten years. Within this period, Payforessay has grown to become trusted among scholars for providing good quality papers. Furthermore, they have developed as a company by hiring more and more writers as their clientele grew. Currently, this service completes a minimum of 300 orders per day.

By now you must be wondering, Is legit? Definitely. There are several online writing services out there that claim to offer quality assistance to clients only to disappoint students by delivering poor quality work or even scamming them and not providing what they promise at all. Currently, flagging down scams online is quite easy. So it is encouraging that there haven’t been reports of any scam going on. This is one of the few existing online writing services that genuinely cares about their clients. What makes Pay For Essay legit is the fact that they deliver what they advertise. With them, you get what you ordered. This is also what sets them apart from the many others out there.

How is Payforessay rating among writing companies? They are among the best in the US and also the UK. Different reviews have very positive things to say about them. Furthermore, they have a high rate of customer satisfaction.

Payforessay is it reliable? First, I have acquired their services a few times now, and I can confirm that I have enjoyed great value for money. It is easy to order from Payforessay. Furthermore, when I received my work, I was impressed each time at the quality that their writers produced. The work was free from errors, an appropriate language was used, and my instructions were followed.

One of the main features that make Pay For Essay reliable is the fact that they allow clients with urgent orders to receive assistance. They are willing to aid students who have very close deadlines and still manage to deliver on time.

The Easy-to-Use Website Design

It is easy to know how serious a company is by just looking at their website. The presentation tells a lot. Various reviews on Payforessay compliment their design. This is because they have made it quite easy for clients to use their website. They have achieved this while still maintaining an appealing look for clients.

When I first got on their page, one of the first things I noticed is the welcoming light background employed by their site. It is quite appealing and even encouraged me to scroll down to see the rest of their page.

Also, I realized that they had placed a menu among the top components such that a client has an easy time navigating. The menu contains all the information one needs to place an order from them such as their services, information about them, the guarantees they give, their prices, a section for free samples and also the reviews from clients.

First thing on their page is the company’s contact information, and it is among the first things you see. On their site, a client can calculate the price of their paper before even deciding to place their order. This is through the cost calculator that you can access at the top of their site.

Their online live chat button is easy to spot and it is easy to make inquiries and also give feedback. This site has made navigation very smooth. They have allocated enough space for each of the different sections of their site such that your eyes are not strained. Furthermore, scrolling is quite neat. You can easily scroll down while skimming through the different sections without worrying that you will scroll past any important information. The ordering button is located in different sections of the page, meaning you don’t have to scroll a lot to acquire their facilities.

A Variety of Services

Pay For Essay writing company started as a service that provides high-quality essays to clients. Since then, they have grown immensely to assist with a variety of tasks, for example, essays, assignments, coursework, research papers, annotated bibliographies, article and book reviews, case studies, and also dissertations. offers help in a variety of different subjects. Clients taking on different courses have their choice included in the variety. Some of the different disciplines included in their list include Nursing, Business courses, accounting and finance, engineering, law, history, I.T, among others.

Some of the other Payforessay services include:

  • Proofreading and editing. For clients who want to make improvements on the quality of their work, Payforessay editors are ready to help. They will eliminate all the errors in your work in terms of language and grammar and also improve the content.
  • Formatting. There are different formats that institutions want their scholars to use in their papers. can format documents into MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago formats according to the type required.
  • Creation of PowerPoint slides.
  • Lab report writing.
  • Calculations and assistance with math problems.
  • Application writing, for example, resumes personal statements, and even application essays.

Simple Order Placement

In this section of our Payforessay review, the focus is to determine how easy it is to acquire their services and how good their method is at ensuring clients using services. For students, time is a vital resource. So, a site that allows you to save time is essential.

When I first used their site, I realized that Payforessay had put much effort into ensuring that clients can acquire their services in minutes. One of the ways they achieved this is by not making their clients undergo any complicated signup procedures while place orders.

To have my work done, all I had to do was click on the ‘place order’ button. I was taken to the page containing their form. Here I was supposed to fill out the different areas with the correct information about the work I needed to be done.

I indicated the type of task I had for them, the academic level of the work, the course, the word count, and also the subject. I then had to allocate the deadline for the work.

Next, I was supposed to provide some additional instructions for my paper. What is even more impressive is that clients can drop some documents containing their instructions for the writer. This means that they always want to ensure that clients get the work they want to the exact detail.

After providing instructions, the next step is making payment. They have outlined several different methods clients can use to pay. Here I was also able to use my Payforessay coupon to acquire a discount on my paper.

When I was done with the payment stage, I only had to wait until the writers were done working on my paper and then download it. They delivered in time, and so I was able to go through the work to confirm the quality.

Amazing Writing and Editing Team

When we come to the writers’ section of this review, the main question here is how qualified are they to handle your tasks? Payforessay has one of the best hiring processes when it comes to the writing department.

First, their writers are required to submit their documents containing a proof of their education, skills, and abilities. They then undergo a background check that aims at verifying the information provided and also acquiring more details about their capabilities.

The next stage involves testing the candidates. They are tested on their language abilities and their ability to use them in papers. They also undergo a proficiency test to confirm the depth of their knowledge in their disciplines. The ones who pass the tests are then taken for training for about two weeks after which they become writers.

The writers from are natives who have a good command of the English language. I confirmed it while I communicated with them while providing specific instructions. These writers are also individuals with advanced degrees across a variety of different subjects. They are also very strict when it comes to following customer instructions. Also, they work fast and will meet all the deadlines that clients provide, without fail.

A Review of Their Prices

Affordability is a very great factor for clients. Besides, since most of the customers here are students, it means that they have to accommodate the fact that scholars do not have much money to allocate to writing service. So, in this Payforessay prices review, we review how fair there are at charging.

First, their cost calculator considers several factors while providing the final cost of services such as deadline allocated, task type, the number of words, and also the academic level. With Payforessay clients pay cheaper for allocating more time to deadlines.

Moreover, they offer several services for free that other sites charge for such as referencing and citations and cover pages. They also provide free notifications on the progress of papers. prices can be reduced even further by the use of their coupon and promotion system. Clients can use their Pay For Essay coupon codes to acquire amazing deals on their papers.

The base price for their papers is very lenient to clients. For example, a client can receive the paper from as low as 17dollars a page. This is very fair considering that you get high-quality work from a top writer.

Place an Order and Verify Quality for Yourself

Several Payforessay reviews will agree that this is one of the best services for a student. Their caring nature makes them reliable to provide the high-quality students need. aims at helping students preserve their grades, deal with tasks that are too demanding and also ensure that clients can submit their work on time. The service comes with several various advantages that clients can enjoy, such as:

  • The ability to communicate with your writer.
  • Guaranteed high-quality work from their writers and editors.
  • Safe transactions by the use of safe methods of payment.
  • Free unlimited revisions for papers for 14 days.
  • Access to top writers.
  • Fair prices for papers with amazing promotions and also discounts.
  • They protect your privacy and ensure anonymity during transactions.

However, the verdict from the different reviews of this service might not be enough to convince some clients. This is because they have experienced poor service from previous sites. This is enough to make one a skeptic about such a service. I had my doubts when placing my first order too, but my experience as Payforessay client was terrific. This gave me the confidence to continue entrusting them with my papers. So, the best way to ascertain the quality you deserve is by placing your order and judging the work yourself. This will provide you with the accurate results of what their writers are capable of. Furthermore, as a client, you will be able to know whether you can trust the service for your long term academic assistance. By ordering from the service yourself, you can take note of how you are treated as a client, their timeliness in the delivery, how much they value their customers and finally their ability to produce work that meets your academic requirements.

Assurance of No Plagiarism

Plagiarized work is quite lethal to any scholar. This is because institutions penalize their students for any plagiarized work they submit. They consider it a form of cheating. Submitting work that is plagiarized will also tamper with a student’s reputation. For high profile work like admission essays, research papers and also dissertations the punishments might involve automatic rejection and suspensions.

This is why scholars have to be very keen on ensuring that the people they entrust their papers to will guarantee that they will be plagiarism free. Is payforessay reliable to produce plagiarism free work? Yes, they are. They have several ways that they ensure clients papers are unique. First, adheres to a very strict, no resell policy. All their papers are done from scratch by each writer. Clients cannot receive a paper that has been delivered to another previously. ensure that every paper is completely free of plagiarism by conducting plagiarism checks. They make use of Plagiarism checkers to identify any matching content from anywhere else internet-wise. Any instances are corrected before clients receive their work. I was surprised when I got my paper since the previous service that I had tried only managed at least 8% plagiarism percentage. With payforessay, I received a paper that had 0% of plagiarized content.

Genuine Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Is Pay For Essay trustworthy? You can confirm for yourself by looking at the testimonials they have provided on their website. They allow their clients to provide feedback about their experience with their service on their homepage. This is very commendable since potential clients can know what to expect earlier before placing orders.

I realized that most of their reviews are positive. Here are a few testimonials:

Erica, ‘I have never encountered a reliable writing company until I ordered papers here. Services are available 24/7 and corrections are made as soon as you request for them.’

Brian, ‘This is the company to hire if you need affordable rates, quick services, and original papers. They solve everything in a single package.’

Communication and Customer Support

Different Pay For Essay reviews can all concur that they have one of the best customer services in the market currently. They ensure that customers have the easiest time when acquiring their services.

First, their response is amazing. Their online live chat ensures that clients receive fast responses to save time. Also, I was able to confirm that I was communicating with another person and not a series of programmed answers.

One of the features of customer service that makes them the best is that they are available 24/7. This makes it possible for clients who want to place their orders or even make any inquiries to get assistance and guidance from the Pay For Essay support staff.

Also, the individuals behind their customer service are quite professional. They are well trained in assisting and will always maintain their professionalism when dealing with clients. These people are patient when helping clients. I also discovered that they always maintained their cool in their responses, even in cases whereby they deal with difficult or rude clients. They understand that rudeness can be a result of frustrations from academics. The fact that I was able to converse with my writer allowed me to help in the writing process such that the work was more ‘me’.

Make Changes to Already Completed Work

Sometimes the work that has been delivered might not completely meet a client’s satisfaction. In other cases, the change might be needed because of the change of specifications by the instructor or the university. In such a scenario, a scholar might become stranded when trying to make the changes themselves. is quite flexible in these scenarios. They allow changes to completed work for clients at no extra cost. This makes them quite reliable since you can be sure that they ensure that your expectations are met. Furthermore, in the case of complex papers like dissertations, a client will avoid an excellent task by ordering the changes to be made.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

For a scholar, it would go well if your professor or instructor was to discover that you received assistance in your work. This can result in penalties, and your reputation will also be at risk. This means that a student in need of academic assistance has to acquire it from a company that can assure their safety. Is Pay For Essay safe for clients? This service greatly values their clients, and therefore, they take several measures that ensure that they are safe while acquiring their services. First, a client’s information such as their names, personal information, and also the details of their transactions remain anonymous and not revealed to any party. Furthermore, even the writers have no information concerning clients’ identities.

Even while communicating with my writer, it was all anonymous, which makes it quite safe for clients. Furthermore, sometime after I received my work, I searched the details of my order online. The results did not take me to their service, which confirmed that the work could not be traced back to them. This service protects the data of their clients by the use of HTTPs encryption, which is quite safe. When it comes to safety, they do not compromise.

Lucrative Promo Codes for Clients always aims at ensuring that scholars can afford their papers. One of the important ways they achieve this is by the use of promo codes. A client who has access to Pay For Essay promo code gets perfect deals on their papers. This service has several promotions during a year that would see a loyal client save on papers.

On top of that, using promo codes is quite simple. When placing orders, a client opts to key in their code during the payment stage. Their promo codes are also legit and work fast.

Great Discounts and Bonus System

I have used a Payforessay discount code to receive a reduction of up to 20% of the cost. This service is quite generous with its promotion systems. First, a client receives a discount when they order for the first time from this service. There are holiday discounts as well that are used during holiday periods. Clients who are loyal to this service will also receive referral Pay For Essay discounts for introducing the company to their peers.

Aside from discounts, they have a bonus system that clients can opt for to get great deals. On every consecutive order they place, a client receives a 5% bonus on the total amount they pay. The bonus can be seen in the account when they log in. A client cannot withdraw it as money. Instead, their bonus will be used as partial payment for a future order. The bonus system also rewards loyal clients as the advantage is carried to order in the future, unlike immediate discounts. With the bonus system, a client can save up on bonuses to the point that they pay for orders by bonuses alone. With the bonus system, I was also able to place orders using bonuses and complete the payment later on.

Safety in Making Payments

The payment stage is one of the most delicate when it comes to acquiring services form any company. This is because a little error could be costly to either of the parties. As a student/client, one cannot afford to lose money because of inferior methods of payment. Payforessay makes sure that clients are completely safe when making transactions. This is because they only allow payment using a restricted number of payment methods. The accepted methods include:

MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and Amex. These transaction methods are fast and allow the process to be smooth. On top of that, they are safe for clients. This is because they ensure that client information is confidential, hence not available to fraudsters.

These payment methods are recognized globally, and therefore, it means that even for clients from different parts of the world can acquire the Payforessay’s high-quality services. Also, by using these methods, I discovered that they keep quality records such that clients can review them in the future when needed. Also, a number of these payment modes ensure that a client’s interests are protected by helping them acquire refunds I cases where they are necessary.

Honest Refund Policy for Clients

In this review for refund policy, the focus of attention is on how protected a customer is with their service. There are times that refunds might be required when dealing with online writing services. This might be as a result of several different factors. However, how many are willing to grant their clients refunds? Payforessay has the best refund policy in the market. They have made sure that all their clients are protected and that they will receive the quality of service they paid for.

With, clients are entitled to refunds in the following scenarios. First, if the writer has not followed the customer’s instructions in the task, a refund will be granted. Second, if the work delivered does not meet certain academic quality standards, the client will receive their refund. Refunds are also granted if there is a cancellation of the order by the institution that results in cancellation by the client. Clients who fail to download their papers within a certain period also receive their refunds. is safe for clients because they are willing to give deserved refunds. There are some malicious services out there that make clients settle for countless revisions instead of giving refunds, which can be quite frustrating.

Need Writing Assistance? Hire PayForEssay Right Away!

It does not matter what writing task you need help with. Whether it is a short essay, a complex lab report, a case study, or a long dissertation, PayForEssay will assist you to compose an outstanding piece within a short time. Order today!